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End to End AI

Strategy, development, deployment — all guided by our seasoned experts from Google, MIT, and Apple.

From integrating OpenAI/GPT APIs to building custom models, we will collaborate closely with you to experiment and try different approaches to execute your ideas and achieve your desired outcomes.

Looking for a ready made solution?

Momo AI Chatbot for Enterprise.
Data stored directly on your servers.

Are you looking to kickstart your AI Chatbot development? Our Momo AI Chatbot is already tuned to ringfence its knowledge within only the provided knowledgebase. For the bot on this page, it’s a Barbie Movie FAQ bot! 🙂 

Ready Made Enterprise Chatbot

  • Full Source Code in Python and Flask
  • Deployment and Server Setup Documentation
  • Chat Widget Embed Code in HTML, CSS and JQuery
  • Installation of chatbot on a blank AWS server owned fully by you
  • Pasting of chat widget embed code on a website of your choice!
  • One Month Technical Support

Admin Panel with ability to: 

  1. Update bot knowledge via CSV File Upload
  2. View past uploaded knowledge
  3. Revert bot knowledge to a past version of the bot
  4. View Chat Logs
  5. Ability to test bot within admin panel
  6. View Daily Bot Statistics

Get UI designers to reskin your bot, Prompt Engineers to tune its behavior, or AI/ML Experts for sophisticated needs

Just upload a CSV file, in question and answer format, EXACTLY the same way you would give a FAQ to a human person. The chatbot understands your material with human-like ability!

Our example chatbot functions on just 100 copied Q&A items from IMDB’s Barbie Movie trivia questions.

Our chatbot automatically understands natural language like GPT does! Users can type questions in free form, with no configuration needed on your part. It sometimes even understand typos!

Our AI chatbot will only answer questions related to the knowledge you supply, and will only reply with answers derived from the knowledge you supply, unlike regular ChatGPT. You have control over the kinds of information your chatbot will give, simply by controlling what data you feed it in your uploaded CSV file. 

Malicious or troll questions, offensive remarks, dangerous requests, or off topic queries will be met with a polite refusal. Unlike GPT, it will not hallucinate and make up answers not relevant to the knowledge you provide to it. 

Get access to chat logs for all interactions with your chatbot. Implement a daily message count limit to avoid abuse.

Feature Highlight

Watch how we changed our COVID chatbot into a Barbie Movie chatbot within minutes using just a CSV file and OpenAI/GPT’s APIs! No coding involved.
Are you considering building your own AI Chatbot? Get a head start with our source code! 🙂 

How it works?

Super lightweight framework and UI source code you can easily integrate into your projects! 🙂

Book a Demo

Try out our Chatbot's features and admin panel to see if it's a good fit for your needs! 🙂

Sign, Deploy & Setup

Sign the paperwork, our engineers deploy the source code on your servers and start setting up your chatbot with its own knowledgebase

Paste embed code & Launch

Once you're happy with your bot, paste the embed code onto your web project and launch! 🙂

Get UI designers to reskin your bot, Prompt Engineers to tune its behavior, or AI/ML Experts for sophisticated needs

Ready-Made or Custom, your choice

Source Code your developers can easily spin up on your own servers, modify or integrate into your own projects. Need an engineer to help you install and tune the bot further? We have engineers of different skill levels based on your needs, including AI/ML experts from Google, Apple and MIT.

Get UI designers to reskin your bot, Prompt Engineers to tune its behavior, or AI/ML Experts for sophisticated needs

How can we help?
  • Hello! I'm a Barbie Movie FAQ bot. I have the knowledge of 100 Barbie Movie trivia questions from IMDB. Ask me anything Barbie Movie!