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CTO As A Service

CTO-level tech advisory from experts who have worked with
Fortune 500, Government, Non-Profits, Bootstrapped to Series C-funded Startups

We get it. Finding a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is hard and it takes time to find your dream CTO. Yet, time is ticking and you need to get your tech team and product roadmap in shape.
This is where we come in.

What our experts have done

Unlike others, our experts don’t just talk.
Our experts “walk the talk” by getting their hands dirty, complementing your team with senior-level code and design work where needed.
  • Meeting with firm’s partners and directors to understand immediate KPIs and target groups
  • User Research with target group including user storyboarding, development of interactive mockups and iterations
  • Rapid development of clickable prototype for firm partner’s presentation to the global board
  • Development and deployment of solution on enterprise infrastructure
  • Creation of custom script to scrub/obfuscate data to prevent leakage or exposure of confidential information to external vendors
  • Meetings and Discussions with multiple departments to ensure security and regulatory compliance with the global group
  • Emergency review of levels of server and infrastructure access possessed by client and tech vendor
  • Understanding of risks, threats and demands made by tech vendor
  • Discussion of project rescue plan with client
  • Retrieval of access rights and closing off access of tech vendor 
  • Server patch-up to remove all backdoors left by tech vendor
  • Collection of evidence for client’s lawyers to use in legal discussions and proceedings
  • Takeover of project management, product development and infrastructure management
  • Initial review meeting of cohort’s individual team make-up and product stage
  • In-depth, founder-level UI/UX Review of companies’ designs, MVPs and launched products
  • Discussion of near-term goals with founders
  • Research & development of product roadmap with no fluff, concrete, actionable next steps
  • Regular progress check-in and brainstorming sessions with cohort founders 
  • Advice on external vendor management and active intervention for project rescue where required
  • Understand and analyze current issues/obstacles faced in the fundraising process
  • Researched and figured out solution to achieve outcome within budget, including recommendation of suitable industry shortcuts
  • Selection and formation of tech team
  • Managed the tech team from design all the way to development and launch
  • Ensure security and regulatory compliance of platform code and 3rd party integrations
  • Technical meetings and negotiations with compliance regulators
  • Platform processed $4.8 mil in transactions in 2020
  • Initial review meeting of founders’ short-term and long-term plans
  • Evaluation of development work done so far by external vendors
  • Rescue of project from shady external vendors, including source code retrieval and server backdoor patch ups 
  • In-depth user research and interviews
  • Selection and formation of tech team
  • Creation of Product Roadmap and Plan
  • Management of tech team to ensure progress in the right direction
  • Code Reviews at certain check-points
  • Review of progress with founders and update of product roadmap where required

Fractional CTO Plan

Best suited for Non-Profits, Startups, Small Businesses

Minimum Engagement: 3 months

  • 20 hours/week
  • Tech Stand-ups with your Tech Team or External Vendor
  • Candidate Interviews of Designers and Developers
  • Product Strategy and Road Map planning with Company Board/Management
  • Strategy Brainstorming sessions to hit company KPIs and product goals
  • Regular Code and UI/UX Design Reviews
  • User Experience Research and Interviews
  • Code and Design Work where required
  • Ensure proper processes in full idea to design and development flow for maximum efficiency
  • Standby Tech Support team for major product launches / media announcements

Enterprise Plan

Best suited for Corporations, Government, Innovation Labs and Venture Capital Firms

Minimum Engagement: 6 months

  • Custom Hours split across Multiple Experts depending on company/firm’s KPIs
  • Hours can be spread across multiple portfolio companies of the firm
  • Ongoing CTO-level tech advisory for firm’s portfolio companies
  • Stand in CTO where required 
  • Tech Status Check-ins with reports prepared for Group Management/Board
  • Technical meetings with internal and external regulatory bodies
  • Liaison with corporation’s global departments across different timezones for deployment 
  • Technical documentation preparation for discussions and negotiations with compliance boards, government regulators and external integration teams
  • + Perks mentioned in Fractional CTO Plan