Onboarding Time

2 Days

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Project Type

AI/Machine Learning

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Case Study: Marvin Hansen

Marvin Hansen had a conundrum to solve when he reached out to MomoCentral with a project comprised of sensitive requirements. Their system infrastructure was a standard Kubernetes cluster with a service mesh. Atop of that, they were building a unified distributed graph that converges data, processing, and machine learning, but also leverages index-adjacent data locality for performance reasons. The headache started when fine-grained security requirements emerged, but they simply haven't had the engineering power. Faced with the decision to either re-architect the system or come up with an intelligent alternative, they reached out to Momo Central.

I was pleasantly surprised that the founder herself took over and delivered a top talent shortlist in record time. Within just two business days, a top-level senior engineer from MIT, was onboarded and started work. Due to a large part of our rapidly growing GraphQL API being generated, most standard solutions were infeasible due to unreasonable programming overhead. After some experimentation, the engineer assigned eventually conceived a brilliant authentication pass-through design pattern that preserved our API generator and added all the fine-grained security requirements while keeping overall performance and functionality intact.

Developer productivity remains paramount in my projects to ensure the fastest possible time to market. The engineer delivered not only on that, but his design pattern became a central tenant in the engineering process to ensure high productivity while simultaneously preserving performance and enforcing rigorous security standards.

I would immediately call MomoCentral for any critical or time-sensitive project that may come up in the future because of their excellent hands-on management and very rapid response time set the gold standard.

Addendum: After the described project, I have moved on and joined the extraordinary talent at SimpleFuture to build their GPU accelerated data warehouse.

-Marvin F.L. Hansen, Harvard Alumnus, currently CTO of SimpleFuture