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Case Study: GovTech

GovTech is the technology arm of the Singapore government. They build innovative solutions and tools to enhance the lives of Singapore citizens with technology. MomoCentral was approached to complete the work by a previous vendor and ensure coding standards were compliant with strict security protocols and regulations.

I had the opportunity to engage MomoCentral to help get a Geoexcel mapping project released in 2018. The challenge was the previous vendor was amateurish in coding and left unresolved security flaws in the code. MomoCentral's developer was very transparent and professional in their way in handling this security flaw. Within a short period of time, the codes were fixed and passed our security tests. Not only were they able to code more robustly, suggestions were also made to improve on the user experience of the software product. The result was a popular and innovative Excel map plugin that was used by government agencies in Singapore.

-Andy Tan, GovTech Singapore