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Award-winning STEM Inventor

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2017 - Present

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Canada, Singapore, Pakistan

Case Study: Chibitronics

Chibitronics is an evolution of Jie Qi’s passion for combining technology and art through making electronics using paper craft. The circuit stickers were developed as part of her PhD research at the MIT Media Lab. Together with Andrew “bunnie” Huang and Patricia Ng, Jie’s research has evolved into the Chibitronics toolkits.

For a small direct-to-consumer retail operation like Chibitronics, Momocentral has been a great fit. Our team has limited bandwidth, and we often don't get to choose when and how we have to do maintenance or make upgrades to our website. The flexibility to get a "right-sized" staff member to help with our IT needs on-demand has enabled us to keep our site operating and secure, without a constant drag on our financial resources.

-Bunnie Huang, Engineering, Chibitronics