Success Stories

Our real-time freelancing model makes it easy for clients and their teams to work with them. As everything is billed by time instead of a fixed project scope, this makes collaboration highly flexible to suit your needs - whether full-time, part-time, or ad-hoc on-demand basis

Freelancers that are not one-off hires, but long-term members of your team

Appbackr logo

AppBackr Inc

AppBackr Insights is an Android mobile application and service that revolutionizes the app discovery process for mobile phone users

The AppBackr team needed a senior Android developer and a UI/UX designer to work directly with their core team to not only conceptualize but make key decisions of the features and iterations together. MomoCentral's Talent Manager matched them to long-term designers and developers who worked with the core team daily during office hours, online, in real-time - participating in discussions, standup meetings and development sprints together.

Length of Collaboration: 5 months
Technologies: Native Android, UI/UX Design

Xfers logo

Xfers Inc, YCombinator Summer 2015 is a fintech startup that provides an automated internet banking solution to merchants in Asia, handling millions of dollars in transactions.

With a team of only 3 members, they rapidly needed to scale their offerings to major e-commerce platforms worldwide and refactor their backend for scalability. They didn't want just any one-off freelancer but a long-term team member who would be as good as someone they'd personally hire into the core team

Length of Collaboration: 2 months (ongoing)
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, UI/UX Design, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento

Zookal logo


Zookal is an educational platform where university students can access videos, tutorial notes, assignments, solutions, past papers and worked examples from A+ students. It is the digital arm of their immensely successful textbook rental platform in Australia with millions of dollars in revenue.

Zookal needed a senior Rails developer who would be able to build the production-ready version of the platform that is scalable and launch-ready in multiple countries.

Length of Collaboration: 4 months (ongoing)
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, ElasticSearch and Posgres

Hipporeads logo

Hippo Reads

Hippo Reads is an established and popular social network and community of academic journalists based in the US. HippoReads wanted to build a social network where their journalists would be able to connect with their like-minded peers, like a Facebook for academic journalists.

However, most development agencies they approached proposed an expensive solution of building the entire project from scratch. As the existing site was on Wordpress, MomoCentral's Talent Manager matched them to a developer who recommended the free and open source solution called BuddyPress. The project ended up costing less than half that of other vendors and the collaboration is still ongoing for various HippoReads needs.

Length of Collaboration: 7 months (ongoing)
Technologies: BuddyPress, PHP, MySQL

Airfrov logo


Airfrov is a peer to peer platform to get travelers to bring back overseas products with many tens of thousands of users.
They needed an Android developer and UI/UX designer who would be able to not only build a clone of their existing iPhone app, but work with the team in the long-term on iterations, feature improvements and future plans.

Length of Collaboration: 3 months (ongoing)
Technologies: Android, UI/UX Design

Spini logo


Spini is a sales lead marketplace on mobile and web that facilitates the exchange and bidding of sales leads.

Spini needed a whole myriad of web and mobile developers and designers for various phases of the project. Having bad experiences with other freelancer platforms before, they were wary of trying MomoCentral but gave it a shot due to our stringent testing processes and real-time freelancing model. It was the beginning of a more than year long partnership with MomoCentral's freelancers growing together with Spini's core team, launching in multiple countries to tens of thousands of users.

Length of Collaboration: >1 year (ongoing)
Technologies: Native Android, AngularJS, Responsive HTML/CSS, UI/UX Design

Neeuro logo


Neeuro is a neuroscience research and development, with the vision of transforming the results into viable products for improving human mental well-being.

They needed a myriad of web and mobile designers and developers to work on different phases of their products and games. In other words, the specs were evolving while discussions and studies were being done. MomoCentral's Talent Manager matched them to suitable freelancers on both full time and adhoc on-demand arrangements according to need at different points in time. The collaboration between Neeuro and MomoCentral has been ongoing for more than a year.

Length of Collaboration: 7 months
Technologies: Native iOS development, Mobile UI/UX Design, Wordpress, Web Dashboard, Responsive HTML/CSS, Game Sprite Illustration

Springmaternity logo

Spring Maternity

Spring Maternity is a leading specialty retail chain store retailing maternity, nursing and baby products in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

They needed a web developer to not only build a multi-country e-commerce website but one that is integrated with a custom built retail POS and ERP system. In other words, they needed a developer who'd be able to communicate and work with their technical team daily, online in real-time, during office hours to ensure a smooth integration outcome.

Length of Collaboration: 4 months
Technologies: Magento, PHP, HTML, CSS

Rosesonly logo

Roses Only

Roses Only is the leading florist of high quality, long stalk Premium Roses from around the world, with offices in London, Australia and Singapore.

When we were approached, the website was almost done but their existing vendor had become difficult to work with, unresponsive and unreliable. Having a bad experience with black box development, they needed a web developer whom their team can communicate and work with in real-time directly. MomoCentral's Talent Manager assigned them a developer who worked closely with the Roses Only team on a full-time, office hours basis to test and resolve critical bugs together. This collaboration was later extended for many more months where the developer is now like an in-house member of the Roses Only team.

Length of Collaboration: 7 months (ongoing)
Technologies: Magento, PHP, HTML, CSS

Invoiceinterchange logo

Invoice Interchange

Invoice Interchange is a peer to peer invoice trading marketplace, providing working capital solutions to fund business growth.

They had a website on Wix that needed an entire overhaul and rebranding exercise. MomoCentral's Talent Manager matched them to a designer who was also well-versed with the Wordpress CMS engine. A rebrand and redesign of layout and content was done, with our designer working and communicating daily with the Invoice Interchange team online during office hours - just like an internal member of their team.

Length of Collaboration: 2 weeks
Technologies: Wordpress, HTML, CSS

Sphere logo

Sphere POS

Sphere is a Point of Sales (POS) system built to revolutionize the Food & Beverage industry.

They needed an iOS developer to implement UI mockups they had into an iPad application that waiters and waitresses would use, integrated with some of their JSON APIs. An iOS developer who would work with the team online during office hours daily was matched to them, working with the Sphere team like an internal team member.

Length of Collaboration: 3 months (ongoing)
Technologies: Native iOS development