What are you looking to build?

Our talents have completed thousands of projects ranging from logo, branding and namecard designs to full blown custom projects with mobile app integration. Here are examples of some and their pricings

Corporate / Marketing Campaign Website

From USD700 onwards

  • Includes design and development
  • Build an information website for your company or a new marketing campaign. Update your website in a MS-Word like interface!
E-commerce / Shopping Cart Website

From USD1400 onwards

  • Includes design and development
  • Build an e-commerce website complete with orders, inventory, delivery and customer management system
Social Network / Marketplace Website

From USD5000 onwards

  • Includes design and development
  • Build an AirBNB or Facebook clone complete with payment integration and a private messaging system
On-demand Native Mobile App

From USD8000 onwards

  • Build an on-demand Uber-like app on native Android/iOS with a web backend, APIs and real-time chat system
Custom Touch Table kiosk software

From USD9000 onwards

  • Build a fully custom touch table kiosk software with hardware API integration
Drone software with SmartWatch integration

From USD7000 onwards

  • Custom drone software with a web portal, hardware API and smart watch integration
Get an in-house Team Member

Juniors from USD15/hour onwards, Mid to senior talents from USD30/hour onwards

  • Get a designer or developer to work with your team in real-time, e.g: 9am to 5pm everyday.
  • Do screenshares, conference calls, get them to do anything you want - just like your own employee
Our commitment to transparency and fair pricing
  • We keep prices low by cutting out the middle-man
  • Work and communicate with talents themselves directly
  • We only take a 15% commission for all the protection and talent management we provide
  • No lock-in or ransom situations. Access and own all source code from Day 1
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Meet some of our amazing talents!

Some profiles from our 350-strong talent pool who has completed a myriad of projects, from simple marketing campaign/e-commerce websites to drones and touch table kiosks

Talent avatar
Jorrie B.
  • Austin, Texas
  • MIT Graduate
  • Lead Instructor of top iOS coding school
  • Launched more than 8 apps on the App Store
Talent avatar
Martin F.
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 25 years experience in Machine Learning
  • Postdoc in Proteomics
  • Expert in Python web development
Talent avatar
Ivan S.
  • Seattle, Washington
  • > 10 years experience in Machine Learning
  • Masters in Machine Learning & AI with published papers and systems implemented in top tech companies
Talent avatar
Wayne T.
  • Oslo, Norway
  • > 10 years in Android Development
  • Developed Android applications for Series-A funded startups in Silicon Valley
Talent avatar
Adam E.
  • Austin, Texas
  • HoloLens experience engineer
  • Developed proof of concepts for large multinationals including a famous fast food chain
Talent avatar
Frederik G.
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Senior Unity 3D Developer
  • Developed many Unity 3D games, mobile games and Minecraft plugins
Talent avatar
Tahira M.
  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • Senior web developer
  • Developed web projects on Wordpress, Drupal and CodeIgniter including those for Sears and Verizon
Talent avatar
Herwin H.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Senior Wordpress and Android developer
  • Developed Android apps and web projects with over 250K users
Talent avatar
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Full stack web developer
  • Developed projects for multiple YCombinator startups in Rails, React JS and Angular JS
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