FAQs for Clients

A Talent Manager will be assigned to you. The Talent Manager's role is to take care of your needs, including recommending profiles of suitable talents, arranging interviews, suitable time slots, billing and any concerns you may have.

If you're not sure how to begin your project or if you have the proper materials ready, feel free to discuss this with your Talent Manager! Most of them are technically trained and ready to recommend which talents of different skills you should engage for different phases and segments of the project.

That's alright! Some of our clients are in this category and have not faced any problems. Just let your Talent Manager know about this and he/she will share with you tips and recommend you a workflow, process and tools that have made remote collaboration easy and efficient for our clients.

Your Talent Manager will also let you know what to expect from developers and designers of different skill levels and experience, including what materials to prepare and the expected level of engagement beforehand!

The designer or developer will come online (Skype, Hangouts, Slack, etc) during your booked time slot to report the start of work. They are dedicated to you during this time period and are available to do anything you want.

You may request conference calls, discussions, and even get them to work on any emergency tasks from another project you may have. Yes, the work they do need not be limited to what you've briefed them on before. This is especially useful in cases where you need a UI/UX designer to quickly help with some namecard designs you need to send for printing ASAP, a sudden change in a feature because of user testing results, urgent bugs, etc

Think of them as your own team, just located remotely!

We spend a lot of time and thought on our selection process, so we're confident that most of our talents are very responsible as well as skilled.

Still, on the (very) off chance that a talent does permanently disappear before finishing his/her task, your platform credits will not be charged for the talent's time, any work the offending talent has finished will remain yours, and we'll do our best to get you a new talent to help you finish the job.

Coming ourselves from a background of pay-by-project work, we believe our pay-by-time model is in fact much better for both you and the talent you work with. By interacting directly with your talent, you are spared not just the time and headache but also the hidden costs of project management and client-vendor politics.

Our Talent Managers are happy to guide you on how you can effectively prepare your materials and specifications prior to actually engaging a talent, and you may be surprised how smoothly and cost-effectively everything ends up being!

Just inform our Talent Manager and we will make the necessary arrangements :)

The MomoCentral platform works on a pre-paid credits basis. We require clients to have at least 2 weeks of pre-paid credits before beginning work with a talent, unless the engagement is less than 2 weeks. If the engagement is less than 2 weeks, we require the client to ensure they have the full engagement amount pre-paid into their MomoCentral account before the engagement begins.

The credits are held by the platform and only paid out to the talent every 2 weeks.

Do report this to your Talent Manager. Our Talent Manager and Integrity Team will look into the matter and conduct an investigation, which may involve investigating records of task management tools, code revision tools (E.g: Github), communication records and any other relevant materials. If the ttalent is found to be at fault, we will terminate the engagement, no credits will be deducted from your account, and your Talent Manager will try to get a new talent that matches your needs to you as quickly as possible.

If the talent is not found to be at fault, your Talent Manager will discuss the matter with you in detail, explaining why we did not find the talent at fault. You may then make a decision on whether or not you would like to continue with the talent. If you decide to stop, payment for the time the talent has spent so far will be deducted from your account and you get to keep any work already done by the talent. Your Talent Manager will then try to get you a replacement talent as soon as possible. If you decide to continue, we'll also be glad to offer suggestions and pointers in order to help you work better with your talent.

FAQs for Talents

All designers and developers on MomoCentral are required to go through the evaluation process below before being accepted into the platform. This is how we maintain the quality of the platform while creating a community of trusted, honest and reliable talents that is different from the rest.

  • Stage 1: Online Code/Design Test
  • Stage 2: Video Interview
  • Stage 3: Live Task Test

What is most important is you have the right technical skills, ability to communicate well in English and a positive work etiquette. As long as you pass our tests and evaluation process, you are good enough.

Your Talent Manager will guide you through on what to expect, recommended communication protocols and tools that would help you work together with the client more effectively. Don't worry, as long as you do good work, we've got you covered!

A Talent Manager will be assigned to you! You will receive a welcome e-mail from him/her along with your MomoCentral Talent Dashboard account login details :).

The Talent Manager is a person who will take care of all your needs including ensuring your profile highlights your most notable talents, match you to relevant clients, negotiate rates and help you manage the client relationships!

Your Talent Manager is also experienced and happy to help you with difficult client communication issues: Eg. if you need to tell the client that their proposed timeline is too short and you would like the client to consider a more realistic timeline.

You can indicate this easily on the talent dashboard OR inform your Talent Manager. Your Talent Manager will then update your availability for you.

It is important to indicate which days and time you're available for work. This is so your Talent Manager can match you to clients who are looking for developers and designers available at times they are comfortable with. This makes it much easier for the client to work directly with you, know when you're contactable and engage you with the company's team discussions.

Except in cases of emergency, it is imperative that you show up at your agreed upon time slots when working with a client. If you have a good reason you are not able to make a time slot, you should make sure both your client and your Talent Manager knows well in advance.

It is no secret that a fixed price project model can turn out to be costly for the developer and designer, especially in cases of unreasonable clients, feature creeps, delays and political reasons. In a by time model, clients pay for your undivided attention during a booked time slot. Whether clients involve you in discussions, request you spend your time conducting research or building the project, you are paid by the hour for your time. We believe this is a more fair model for developers and designers who work hard to provide good quality work to the client.

The clients on the MomoCentral platform trust the work, advice and expertise of our talents greatly because of the great work talents on our platform have done (and are still doing). As they are paying by time, a culture of efficient and transparent collaboration is of utmost importance.

During your booked time slot, you are expected to work solely on the client's project and be contactable. This is to allow ease of tracking, updates, and for the client to pull you into discussions with the team when required.

This is where our Talent Manager and Integrity Team comes in. We will check through task management tools, Github logs/commits, and other forms of communication as required. Based on this, our technically-trained team will be able to evaluate if the report is valid.

Often times, it is not the talent's fault but a case of expectations not communicated or managed properly. In such cases, we will explain the matter to the client and discuss with them. They will make a decision of whether to proceed or stop work. If the talent has been performing adequately and is not found to be at fault, we will continue to issue the payout to the talent for time already spent on the project.

Always communicate what can be done and can't be done clearly, don't make empty promises, always respond quickly to messages from the client and you should be alright!

Payouts are credited into your MomoCentral account every 2 weeks. When you are ready for a payout, you can request to withdraw money into your bank account anytime through your MomoCentral Talent Dashboard!
Payments to your bank accounts have no fees as the fees will be absorbed by us. There is a minimum withdrawal amount requirement of USD2000. For amounts lower than USD2000, a USD100 administrative fee will be charged. All payments are made via direct telegraphic transfer or ACH.