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All designers & developers on MomoCentral® have been human-verified, put through our proprietary code tests, video interviews and project tests. Let us know your needs below and we will match you to talents of suitable experience, skillsets and availability.

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If you are technical, include a brief description of what you're expecting the designers/developers to do, e.g: design the UX flow, slice mockups to HTML and CSS, develop an Android mobile app, code up backend APIs.

If you are not technical, describe the idea. E.g: I am looking to build an informational website for my company, an AirBNB clone for the cleaning, a messenger app for my employees to communicate with each other.

What materials do you have?

E.g: I have nothing. It will be from scratch, I have some wireframes and very early stage mockups, I have some powerpoint slides/a document with a rough feature list, I have a working product with API documentation

What kind of engagement are you looking for?
"For a small direct-to-consumer retail operation like Chibitronics, MomoCentral has been a great fit. Our team has limited bandwidth, and we often don't get to choose when and how we have to do maintenance or make upgrades to our website. The flexibility to get a "right-sized" staff member to help with our IT needs on-demand has enabled us to keep our site operating and secure, without a constant drag on our financial resources."

-Bunnie Huang, Engineering, Chibitronics
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